Lifeview CSR: Spring Day Home Care 2024

At Lifeview Bridal Studio, our commitment to corporate social responsibility shines brightly as we embark on a heartwarming initiative before the Chinese New Year. Our second stop which Partnering with Spring Day Home Care Center Sdn.Bhd, we captured timeless moments by providing personal portrait sessions, spreading joy and creating cherished memories. Going beyond, our collaboration with WORLD Master Hair Academy Sdn Bhd allowed us to offer the elderly not only beautiful portraits but also a pampering experience – professional haircuts that added an extra touch of glamour to their special day. This endeavor embodies our dedication to community well-being and celebrating the spirit of togetherness during this festive season.

Thanks to the Idea/Studio team, The highlights and records of behind the scenes add a lot of color to the entire event, and we look forward to your work.The bouquets created by the Stem By Me Flower Atelier team are not only beautiful, but also convey full of love. What cannot be ignored is the Sheng Thai kopitiam team. Thank you for preparing a delicious lunch for us and making the whole event a lot more exciting!

Lastly we would like to thanks TSM Digital for printing and framed the portrait photograph.

This activity not only gave us a deep understanding of the hardships of the seniors, but also made us feel the care and responsibility of the caregivers. I wish the elders good health and good luck in the new year 2024. Once again, a heartfelt thank you to all the teams who participated. Your hard work made this event unforgettable and we are grateful! In 2024, let us work together to create more beautiful moments! 🌟

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