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Lifeview treats customer privacy as important and respects and guards customers’ rights. We only collect information from you to ensure your orders are placed successfully on this website. Appropriate measures are in place to keep your personal information confidential and we do not share or pass on information except where it may be necessary to do so to ensure your order can be fulfilled. We guarantee that our customer database will not be sold or marketed for any reason whatsoever to third parties.


Lifeview website may contain links to websites operated by third parties and these websites should contain their own privacy policies. Thus,  makes no guarantees in respect to how your information may be used in these third parties websites.

 is the owner of information that is submitted and by submitting any of your information you are consenting to the storage and where application retrieval of your information so submitted for the purposes set out herein.


Lifeview reserves the right to modify or remove portions of this privacy policy at any time and this Privacy Policy should be read with the other terms and conditions applicable to the use of this website. Any condition that is not enforceable, void or invalid shall be deemed severable here from and all other conditions remaining shall be enforceable and valid.


If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or your dealings with our website, please contact our customer service:

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Lifeview 重视客户隐私,尊重和保障客户权益。我们仅向您收集信息以确保您在本网站上成功下单。我们已采取适当措施对您的个人信息保密,我们不会共享或传递您的信息,除非有必要这样做以确保您的订单能够顺利进行。我们保证不会以任何理由将我们的客户数据库出售或营销给第三方。





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